Warning! This pic is a decade old :D
Hello World!!

I made this page to give an overview of my work and other interests. I like to science :P. I also like arts & crafts. I enjoy physical activities too, like football, racket sports, and going to gym. In this page, let me introduce myself briefly


I was born in Belur, West Bengal, India, which is a suburb of Kolkata. 
My mother-tongue is Bengali, but I am proficient in Hindi & English as well.
As a child, I was interested in Mathematics, History, & Science in general. 
So I partook in Maths Olympiad competitions and made it up to the national level.
I completed Bachelor/Masters from IIT Kharagpur (India) in 2015 
majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and minoring in Physics. 
I finished my PhD jointly from TU Eindhoven (The Netherlands), 
and Hasselt University (Belgium) in 2019.
Then I did  a post-doc in TU Dortmund, and another one in INRIA Paris. 
Currently, I am a post-doc researcher in Radboud University (Netherlands).